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Real people / stable ministry dedicated to WIchita since 1989

In John 17:21 Jesus prayed, “that all of them may be one, so that the world may believe”. We believe that the church is moving in a new powerful direciton of unity for the express purpose of bringing Christ to the world, thus fullfilling the prayer of our Lord Jesus!

Picture of Pastor Rob Rotola


has embarked on a very unique journey. We have partnered with a number

of different powerful ministries and Christians who have combined efforts, joined facilities, and adopted one vision to become much more powerful together than apart. Two are better than one; and multiple campuses all joining their parts together, make for one strong effective part!


By combining talents and callings we are advancing the ministry of Christ more quickly. Partnering to do outreach and missions has produced major results for the Kingdom! Our missions plan entitled “Vision 2020”, launched in 2006, has now seen over 550,000 people become followers of Christ around the world. Vision 2020’s goal is to win 20 million. “Walking out” our Christianity with others is

 a much higher paradigm than “Going it alone”. We are sharing LIFE with the lost and doing so in harmony, unity, and strength .


We are one church with multiple campuses. All of our campuses have made a covenant to see the mission of Vision 2020 come to pass. Word of Life is serving many individuals and families with a highly acclaimed Counseling Center, Preschool & Childcare, Elementary & Secondary School, and Bible Institute.


John 17:21 . . . that they may be one

so that the world will become believers!




    North Campus: 9:00AM & 11:00AM

    South Campus: 10:45AM

    South Espanole: 10:30AM & 6:00PM

    Northeast Campus: 10:00 Sunday School  Northeast Church Service:11:00AM

    Coffee & Church: 10:45AM

    Northeast Campus: 6:00PM

    Downtown Street Church 7:00PM




    Cick on an icon to find a LIFE@PP that is right for you and your family!








    All Campus Service  - First Sunday night of each month!

    Upcoming Events at Word of Life Church

Picture of Pastor Rob and Debbie Rotola

Pastor Rob and Debbie Rotola


Word of Life Church


Welcome to:
Word of Life Church North Campus

The hope of the world is

the local church. Word of

Life is a passionate church

family who loves God and

loves each other. We

passionately pursue the

presence of God when we

gather; and we passionately pursue the world with

the message of Christ’s

life-changing message.

The two most important instructions that Jesus left

His disciples are found in

the Great Commandment

and the Great Commission. Our first commitment is

to love the Lord our God

with all of our heart, soul

and mind; and to love

each other in the same

way (Mt. 22:37-39). As we respond to Christ’s instruction,we are then

called to go into the world and make disciples of all nations (Mt. 28:16-20).

As a pastor, my greatest privilege is fullling the Great Commission by making disciples. At Word of Life, you’ll find exactly what your family needs to follow Jesus with a full heart. We minister to the Lord with powerful times of worship. We teach the uncompromising truth of God’s Word. We also serve our community on a weekly basis, not forgetting that we must reach “the least of

these” in response to

Jesus’ example. Take

time to notice the worship, discipleship and outreach opportunities Word of Life affords. I promise, you have found a place to call home!

Pastor Marty


Picture of Pastor Marty Freeman

Sunday: 9:00 & 11:00 / Wednesday: 6:30

Coming Soon- Live Streaming

Directions to:

Word of Life North

3811 North Meridian

Wichita, Kansas 67204



Picture of Pastor Cliff Snell

Sunday 10:45 /  Wednesday: 6:30

Coming Soon - Live Streaming

Palabra De Vida


Sunday 9:30 / Wednesday 7:00

Spanish speaking service at WOL South!

Welcome to:

Word of Life Church

South Campus


Allow me to introduce you to Word of Life South Campus. As a Pastor I have a heartfelt love for the body of Christ. I love to see the Family come together each week to Praise and Worship our Lord and King. My love for the Lord Jesus comes through in my passionate teaching and preaching of the Word of God with relevant messages for this time and hour. Also, as a Pastor, I have a great desire to see the body of Christ rise up and fulfill the call of God upon their lives. This includes the great commission, we are passionate about winning the lost to Jesus Christ. When you come and join us you will be welcomed with a warm handshake and a cheerful greeting. You can enjoy a cup of coffee before the service and fellowship with other believers. We have great children’s services each week and youth services on Wednesday evening. I believe once you are in the doors you will say, “It is good to be home!” So from me to you welcome to the Word of Life Family!


See you Sunday,

Pastor Cliff



Directions to:

Word of Life South

2020 East Blake

Wichita, Kansas 67211



Welcome to:
Word of Life Church Northeast

World Champion Campus

World Champion Campus is known as the Great New  Wine Experiment! Three Pastors and their congregations have joined together to do more for the Kingdom of God!


Pastor Timothy Sims brings a professionalism in his ministry and teaching style.


Pastor Scott Dryden lives and breaths outreach which is the driving force of the vision of WOLNE.


Pastor Fred Leon has a mandate to teach God's people faith to become successful in every area of their lives.


The experiment is working with World Champion Campus growing, winning souls , and reaching out to their community with the saving knowlege of Jesus.




Coming Soon - Live Streaming

Directions to:

Word of Life Northeast

1156 North Oliver

Wichita, Kansas 67208



Welcome to:
Word of Life

Street Church

Pictures of Rob and Deb Luce

Saturday Night: 7:00

Word of Life Church on the Streets was started in 2012. We meet under the carport of the Koontz Flower Shop. We have a full church service every Saturday night at 7:00.


Our Praise and Worship is lively and attracts people who are living nearby or on the streets!


Word of Life Street Church ministers to the homeless and the working poor. We offer them solutions and answers which are only found in our Lord and Savior, Jesus!


We also gather each Thursday for Street Witnessing and would very much appreciate your prayers for God's direction and protection as we remain obedient to this call on our lives. Thank you very much!


Pastors Ron & Deb Luce


Directions to:

Word of Life Downtown

633 North Broadway

Wichita, Kansas 67214



Pastor Sean and Tammy Shores have a calling to teach God's Word in a  relaxed and casual setting. This is an awesome group of believers who love God!


Word of Life Coffee and Church is easily located inside Savories Coffee Shop inside the Mid- America Credit Union located at the corner of Webb Rd and the 96 Highway.


If you happen to enjoy a super relaxed atmosphere and a great cup of coffee with your Bible Study, then Coffee and Church is the place for you!

Picture of Coffee and Church

Directions to:

Word of Life C &C

2993 N Webb Road

Wichita, Kansas 67226


Welcome to:
Word of Life

Coffee & Church


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