Word of Life Church has embarked on a  unique journey. We have experienced several church mergers enabling us to combine efforts, join facilities, and adopt one vision to become much more powerful together than apart. Two are better than one; and multiple campuses all joining their parts together make for one strong effective part!


By combining talents and callings we are advancing the ministry of Christ more quickly. Partnering to do outreach and missions has produced major results for the Kingdom! Our missions plan entitled “Vision 2020”, launched in 2006, has now seen over 1,400,000 people become followers of Christ around the world. Vision 2020’s goal is to win 20 million. “Walking out our Christianity with others" is a much higher paradigm than “Going it alone”. We are sharing LIFE with the lost and doing so in harmony, unity, and strength .


We are one church with multiple campuses. All of our campuses have made a covenant to see the mission of Vision 2020 come to pass. Word of Life is serving many individuals and families with a highly acclaimed Counseling Center, Preschool & Childcare, Elementary & Secondary School, and Bible Institute. Our weekly church services include dynamic worship, teaching and small groups. The kids will love children's church! Special services also for teens, young adults and more.


It is our honor to serve the Lord Jesus in the city of Wichita as Senior Pastors of Word of Life Church since 1989.


Pastor Rob & Debbie Rotola

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John 17:21 . . . that they may be one

so that the world will become believers!



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In John 17:21 Jesus prayed, “that all of them may be one, so that the world may believe”. We believe that the church is moving in a new powerful direciton of unity for the express purpose of bringing Christ to the world, thus fullfilling the prayer of our Lord Jesus.of our Lord Jesus!



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